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Hi I am new here. I have been a widow for 5 years . Never kn

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Hi I am new here. I have been a widow for 5 years . Never knew there was support groups online for this I had joined sg for other support . So I have been getting through it all on my own . Sending condolences out to everyone that's here.

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Oct 12

@jeannie2512 God bless you Jeannie, I don't know how you can possibly go on day to day. I can only think of Footprints in the Sand. You go on only because HE is carrying you. I pray you find happiness in this world, surely you will in the next.

Oct 13

Thankyou sweetheart how sweet of you. I do struggle I am 65 and fortunately have my own business which keeps me busy but when I get home it envelopes me in loneliness.

Oct 30

And everyone thinks if your spouse dies after 60 you are all good, you had a good long Marriage and no one cares , buy as long as their life Iisn,t touched my this misery , no one cares at all


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