I feel so awful. And everyone tells me I am just doing it to

I feel so awful. And everyone tells me I am just doing it to myself. My narcissist ex boyfriend completely ghosted me after almost a year of dating, and recently got back together with his ex. After only 2 weeks of being broken up with me. He didn't even necessarily give me a clean break. Last time we saw each other, everything was fine. Then, he randomly disappeared. He told me he was using me this entire time because he wanted to get back at her. He also told me he was cheating on me this entire time. I am so hurt, I feel worthless. He wen ton to compare his relationship with her to his relationship with me. He said I am "too nice" and that she was so confident. He even said sex was better with her. But she supposedly treated him so badly and was talking to her ex the entire time they were together and her ex would bother him. It was just a mess. I am so confused as to why he picked her over me. It has been a month of complete hell for me. I have barely eaten and feel so beat down about myself after he said things like he never should have broken up with her and that he always feels pressured with me because I was "too nice" and "too supportive" and did too many things for him. I don't know what to do. He ghosted me multiple times throughout our relationship and would go off with her whenever we got into an argument. He brought everything upon himself but blamed me for everything. I feel so awful.

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Feb 17

@Ch3ryl1308: Congrats to you for making it to day 7!!! The early days of NC are some of the toughest there are. It'll get easier as you stick to it.


Ugh this is almost too awful to read. What a ****! Really spare you the gory details! Could he not just say it wasn't working out?? Of course he could. Why must they try to crush us before they go. B#astards.


And how on earth are you doing it to yourself???? Good lord no this a## did this to you!


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