My husband just packed some things and left - again. I'm so

My husband just packed some things and left - again. I'm so tired of the revolving door. Everything is my fault and you can't have a reasonable conversation with him. It gets twisted back onto me and I'm made to seem unreasonable. I have stopped expecting things to change and just want peace.

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Feb 16, 2017

@samsmom1125 When I was married to the narc$hit, he would constantly pack and go, pack and go. I begged him to just GO and stay gone. He wouldn't. He kept trying to create drama, gaslight, and weaken me. I got So SO sick of it. I would tell him when he packed up to make sure he got everything because I never wanted him back. I could not get rid of him. I knew trying to get rid of him (because it was all my property and I couldn't leave) was going to cause drama, harassment and constant trouble so I had to scheme and fantasize on how to get rid of that horrible man for good with No chance of a return. I ended up going on one of his constant trips with him and as always, I knew he wouldn't last long without a horrible narc tantrum. I was right and each one was getting worse with time and lasting longer than the ones before. I had just had it. So, we were 14 hours from home on a trip of which we drove. I got away from him after an awful scene of his narc abuse, got a plane ticket, flew home, filed for a protection order (he wasn't due back from driving for at least 2 days from that trip), filed for divorce, changed beneficiaries, packed all his junky narc crap by the front door inside and changed locks on my house. I was not even home when he returned. I played it cool when he'd call and waited until I knew he was near and called the law to meet him at my property with the EPO papers and order to appear for a domestic violence hearing so he had to get his crap and leave. My neighbor called me when she saw him pull away with his truck full of crap and I then called AT&T and had him dropped from my phone plan. Mr. LoudMouth talks-a-lot Know it All did not even get to use his phone on his 2 hour return to his horrible origins. A few days later, the DVO was granted, divorce proceedings began and yes he really turned on the narc crap but it blew up in his face. I never had to talk to him ever again as all correspondence was via law/attorney. Life is good.

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Feb 16, 2017

@new2npd Please teach me your ways. My mother is mentally destroying me every chance she gets

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Feb 17, 2017

@Serena20 Go to My Support and Support Me so you can message me


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