I wondered if anyone has any insight into the narc harem. My

I wondered if anyone has any insight into the narc harem. My ex is a very clear high end Malignant Narcissist. I know that they like to keep all sorts of supply on hand, so my ex narc's pattern makes total sense to me now. He always had about a dozen woman hanging around in the back ground. Many were ex girlfriends, some were friends and some I would assume he would hope they would be more than friends. He used these woman for attention and sympathy and to triangulate me and confuse me and for sources of supply during his silent treatments while smearing me. That all makes perfect sense to me now based on his pathology of a typical narc. What I am confused about is this. Did none of the others in the harem know what he is or figure out his game? This is someone that I can never ever have in my life or let near me again that is how dangerous he is.....so I am confused why the past girlfriends would want to remain friends with him. There is me and one other person about six years ago that had to get rid of him completely and I am assuming she new something was up.....but there has been about 8 woman between her and I that remain "friends" with him. I suffered so much damaging abuse from this man. Did he not do that to them? Or perhaps they were not close enough or around long enough to figure him out? Anyone else confused about this or have any insight?

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Feb 18

@freeofcrazypants: a supernova empath sounds interesting. Did the movie indicate whether there were male supernova empaths? Seems like one of those, particularly if they were trained as a counselor, might be a borderline narc's best chance at starting to get over themselves.


@tbgg Oh yes it could be a male or female.....and I think you are right.

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Feb 18



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