The following poem is a work of fiction. I wrote it as to co

The following poem is a work of fiction. I wrote it as to convey isolation. Fire on these lines means search for purification, desire and destructive thoughts sublimed altogether. It's supposed to give people relief. I encourage no acts of violence.

Giant White Whale

A suicidal bomber on his own axis
an explosive comfort zone
a fire starter voice decibel
and the maniac that plays with fire
dreams of the deep blue sea...
Bottom, please, always bottom,
cause I'm ready to blow things
to find their bottom
a fish with guts cut
inside out, but the
big fish eyes so dreamy...
As the bomber plans his outrage
he listens to binaural beats
the beat is on the zone
bomb on timer:
meditate on a burning city as
you're on the depth of the sea
inhale, exhale,
inhale hell's ashes
exhale a giant white whale:
a three thousand years old whale as
old as the art of meditation...
So much respect for the whale,
so little for you, who killed the ocean...
Widespread fire as the family's man
widespreads butter on a slice of bread...
I had a lightning candle monk
inside my mind
but the monk gone
mad, staring at the fire for so long,
the monk gone mad.
Now fire needs new host:
the maniac spreads fire
as new millennia gospel
ashes will fly

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Feb 17


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Feb 17

@CKBlossom Thanks, my friend!


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